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Can You Swim To Crab Island In Destin Florida?

Crab Island in Destin is a popular destination for vacationers and locals alike. But many have asked one question: can you swim to Crab Island in Destin Florida?

Find out what swimming to Crab Island entails and whether or not it’s something you should attempt on your next trip.

Can You Swim To Crab Island In Destin Florida?
Can You Swim To Crab Island In Destin Florida?

Destin, Florida is an amazing destination for beach-goers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and vibrant nightlife, it’s no wonder why Destin has become a popular vacation spot.

One of the most sought after destinations in Destin is Crab Island – a shallow sandbar located on the north side of the Destin Bridge (Marler Bridge).

But how do you get there? Can you swim to Crab Island in Destin Florida?

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How deep is the water at Crab Island Destin?

The water at Crab Island Destin is surprisingly shallow, averaging around 3 feet deep. During low tide, some areas of the island may drop down to 2 feet or less. On the other hand, during high tide the water levels can reach up to 8 feet in depth.

The best time to visit Crab Island Destin is shortly after low tide, about half an hour after low tide. During this time, the incoming tide brings clear water from the Gulf.

The water will be a beautiful blue and stay like that for many hours until it reaches high tide. Not only is this visually striking, but it also provides an opportunity to explore the shallower areas of the island.

The timing of low and high tide can vary from day to day, so it’s a good idea to check the local tide reports before making any plans.

Can you swim to Crab Island in Destin Florida?

No, you cannot swim to Crab Island in Destin Florida. The island is located just off of the coast of Destin and can be seen from the shore, but it is unsafe to attempt swimming to it.

Crab Island Destin, FL
Crab Island Destin, FL

The waters around Crab Island are often heavily trafficked by boats and are prone to dangerous currents and undertows. As well, the island is located further away than it appears from the shore. Attempting to swim there can be dangerous and has resulted in fatalities in the past, so should not be attempted.

How To Get To Crab Island Destin

Visitors to Destin, Florida often want to visit the popular Crab Island, but may be unsure of how to get there.

While swimming is not an option due to the dangers posed by currents and boat traffic in the area, there are other ways that visitors can safely enjoy a day at this beautiful destination. Here are the best ways to get to Crab Island:

Destin Harbor
Destin Harbor

Boat rentals are the safest and most convenient way to get to Crab Island. And if you choose to go paddleboarding or kayaking to get to Crab Island wear a life vest and ready your arms for paddling!

These boat rentals and excursions typically leave from Destin Harbor or nearby Okaloosa Island, which are both located just a short distance from Crab Island.

Cheapest way to get to Crab Island

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get to Destin’s popular boating destination, Crab Island, then the Crab Island Shuttle Boat is your best bet. For just $49-$59 round-trip tickets, you get an unforgettable experience with a 2.5 or 3 hour excursion.

The boat includes experienced captains and knowledgeable crew members who will get you to the island safely. This is a cost-effective option for small groups who don’t want to rent a boat or for those who don’t feel confident about operating their own boat.

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